Why appoint a company Consultant Solicitor?

Summerfield Browne Solicitors manage a hybrid legal services model which mixes a cutting-edge working as a consultant based provision of legal services using the classical legal services business design.

A number of our lawyers are consultant solicitors who work remotely using their own offices. Most are based both at home and this considerably reduces our overheads, and which provides cost efficiencies which may be passed to the customer by means of economical fee rates.

Our consultant solicitors make use of the latest IT technology meaning work could be carried out rapidly and efficiently with no costs connected with repeat client conferences.

We all do have offices but many are inexpensive virtual serviced offices which offer telephone responding to and postal services. When we require utilization of meeting rooms only then do we pay only for that rooms whenever we rely on them. Which means that we don’t incur the functional overheads of various other traditional lawyers. This implies that we are able to pass the price benefits to the customer.

Our corporate consultant solicitors are self-employed and therefore are hired on the non-exclusive basis. Which means that they are able to work elsewhere. This cuts down on the tax risks connected with IR35 and particularly that consultants could be taxed as employees by HMRC in a few instances. All we ask is when an advisor commits to following up a lead or else undertaking a bit of work, to follow this through.

We simply appoint highly experienced solicitors who’ve all held senior positions privately practice and for that reason possess the expertise and understanding within their specialist place to provide top class advice. We’re an industrial services law practice and for that reason we simply appoint business lawyers.

Our corporate consultant solicitors concentrate on corporate law including supplying suggestions about the next regions of law:

– Corporate mergers and acquisitions including purchasing and selling business, companies as well as shares. Additionally to drafting and negotiating transactional documents we use tax an accounting firm on transaction structures, so we offer advice with regards to the appointment of corporate brokers. We recommend research.

– Corporate joint endeavors including counseling on appropriate structures for example limited companies or limited liability partnerships and drafting shareholders contracts or partnership contracts.

– Private equity finance, investment capital and seed investments. We act for traders as well as management teams. We use an accounting firm to structure an investment therefore we draft and negotiate an investment agreement and related documents. We undertake research or else react to research enquiries.

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