What’s PC hard situation and TPU situation and silicone situation

Using the recognition of digital items, derivatives and add-ons will also be becoming more and more popular, particularly the protective situation, a lot of people make use of the protective situation to show their personality and safeguard their digital items, there are plenty of types of covering it, what exactly are they?Let’s begin!

PC: Polycarbonate, it’s a without color and transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Unlike silicone protective situation and TPU protective, PC situation is difficult, PC plastic toughness is fairly good, light transmission is fairly impressed, you will find pure transparent PC hard situation, transparent black PC hard situation and transparent blue PC hard situation yet others available.

Pros: good transmittance, hardness, potential to deal with fall, light Disadvantages:dissatisfied scratch resistance PC hard situation has three processes

1.vacuum plating process: electroplate, then carve a few of the designs using the pc housing, Ultra violet varnish.

2.PC squirting:spray rubber oil, or even the transparent red, transparent blue, transparent yellow, etc.

Individuals squirting a layer of primer around the transparent PC situation and laser engraving pattern and squirting a rubber paint are slightly better.

PC thermal transfer process: transfer designs using the pc housing , after which spray Ultra violet varnish or soft touch rubber oil.Individuals squirting rubber oil be more effective.

The disadvantage would be that the surface doesn’t resistant scratch. TPU is really a thermoplastic memory elastomer rubber, which may be softened in a certain temperature and may keep itself unchanged at 70 degrees .

The majority of the TPU plays a vital role in supporting the shoe.The toughness and elasticity of TPU protective situation considerably past the traditional silicone situation, it’s termed as translucent matte texture. TPU situation goes towards the plastic situation, that is molded by injection process, which makes it produced by plastic injection mold in which the plastic pellets heated and melted is placed with a barrel.

Benefits of TPU situation: transparent, color-wealthy, anti-fall, feel great, simple to take hold, hard to put on.

Disadvantages of TPU situation: vulnerable to be yellow, or perhaps sticky to deal with.

TPU situation is usually harder with increased optional style than silicone situation, flexible and powerful over than silicone. TPU could be completely transparent. TPU situation is capacity of withstanding the very low temps, it’s still able to keep good elasticity even at minus 35 degree, it may freely keep versatility along with other physical qualities to completely safeguard named from exterior shocks.

Silicone situation is generally made from rubber, that is soft and versatile and obvious and transparent and frequently accustomed to safeguard digital items to avoid accidental falls or worn. The cost is fairly cheap.

Steps to make plastic situation

By adopting a vulcanization molding as developing process,put a bit of silicone recycleables cut and placed within the silicone mold the lower and upper mold , heat pressurized making items.

Pros: good protection, anti-fall, feel great, easy to defend myself against and off,hard to put on, cheap.

Disadvantages: less style, easy greasy, not appropriate to be used within the summer time, simple to deform How to pick top quality silicone iPad small tablet plastic situation

Smell,no pungent smell, or actually have a scent.

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