Hong Kong enhances regulation on shopping online

HK consumer council introduced the items in shopping online complaints.

Although some cases have been in the gray area therefore the disputes can’t be resolved underneath the existing law.

Shopping online is increasingly popular, therefore the government should improve relevant regulating provisions to help keep up-to-date using the shopping online trend.

For shopping online, the council this past year received greater than two times the amount of complaints in the last year.

Group purchasing that is popular lately can make more and more people enter the field of online transactions to be able to cut costs.

Hong Kong should keep up with the good status even if exploring business possibilities online.

The Hong Kong law cannot be relevant to some mix-border transaction disputes, particularly when the vendor is overseas. It’s frequently past the achieve from the Consumer Council.

The Customer Council can consider confirming towards the police with respect to the complainant as long as the individual gives consent, directly handing the data towards the police for follow-on such cases later on.

It’ll provide convenience to customers, raise analysis efficiency and safeguard the commercial status of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s law and regulation don’t want to become so harsh they deaden business motivation and creativeness. Additionally to permitting versatility, it won’t revealed on unscrupulous business techniques and ripoffs.

Chinese government also needs to discover the experience from HK to accomplish laws and regulations and rules to safeguard interest and privileges of internet consumers.

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