Experienced & Aggressive Criminal Lawyers

There are times in life when someone faces a crisis and they are charged with a criminal offense. It’s a scary situation and a serious one. Yet if you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in the State of Michigan, it’s critical to have expert help. That’s what the office of Sanford A. Schulman offers. His office and his staff know how to deal with the intricacies of dealing with criminal court cases and bringing them to the best possible resolution for their clients.

Years of Training and Expertise

Sanford A. Schulman is a federal criminal attorney practicing in the state of Michigan, and he brings to his cases a very high level of education, training and expertise.

Cases at the Federal level are complicated, and the stakes are high. The reality is that very few attorneys in the state of Michigan have extensive experience in handling federal cases. Trying a federal case before a jury is a complex exercise and many legal professionals wouldn’t dare to take on the challenge. Few take on the challengee, and of those that do, very few win.

Sanford A. Schulman, however, is one federal criminal attorney who has indeed has extensive experience in trying cases in federal courts in Michigan, as well as many others in other states throughout the United State. His expertise and knowledge of the law has brought in several not guilty verdicts for criminal clients. He has also won reversal decisions on cases that went to appeal.

Mr. Schulman’s background includes his handling of over 2,000 criminal matters, which include numerous jury trials and cases of extreme complexity. He has also made numerous appearances at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Even with his vast experience and background of successful outcomes, Mr. Schulman’s fees are reasonable, and his has won the respect of the many judges and officers of the law who have dealt with him on cases.

If you are need of expert defense in the case of a serious crime, don’t hesitate to call our offices or click here. Mr. Schulman will make himself available for an immediate phone conference, and can make appointments in his office or visit jail. Call today.

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